Breezy Point, NY 9/11 Memorial


Info about the Breezy Point 9/11 Memorial:
Permanent wooden walkway and platform on the Rockaway bayside. Platform contains 29 glass etchings for each of the Breezy Point community members lost on 9/11. Next to it is a cross shaped piece of steel from the World Trade Center.
Info about the photo:
I took this photo it seemed in complete darkness. I used my cellphone for light to see the camera controls. Parking is closed at Breezy Point as nearly all parking is behind locked gates for residents. I parked in a visitor lot that was about a 10 minute walk from the Breezy Point Memorial. The Memorial can be seen from the roadway.


  1. Rosemarie

    My grandparents, Rose and Joe bought a house in Rockaway Point (then) in 1938 with their six children. I grew up in Breezy Point and my grandparents sold the house when I was 24. My uncle still lives on the oceanfront, now known as Breezy Point (part of the Breezy Point Cooperative). My fondest memories are there. All the summers, and even now when I go to visit my uncle, it is the most comfortable I feel of any place I have lived or visited in my life. Of course, I love the ocean as as a young person used to go off the porch (oceanfront property) and go down on the beach and just sit and watch the waves. It was heaven. As long as there is a beach within 50 miles of me that I can visit, I will be happy. Mostly, Breezy Point which to this day fills me with wonderful memories as I pass my grandparents house (which is still standing) to visit my uncle's house (20 houses sway). You would love living there. I am very sorry I never invested in a summer house years ago in Breezy Point. Now you can't touch them.

    • Gerry Doherty

      October 10, 2010 Dear Rosemarie, I came across your comments regarding your experiences on Breezy Point and found them heartwarming. I had never heard of this lovely place until months ago when I found the location on my computer. I just can't seem to get it out of my mind. The pictures of the beach and town are charming. After telephoning the administrative offices I was informed that there is absolutely no way I can possibly rent, or even get on the premises unless I had relatives living there, or at the very least, three resident friends that would submit letters of recommendation. I am a widow, grandmother, and retired judicial secretary. I live in Hoboken, NJ. My dream is to find summer rental in this very peaceful community. I'm told it's impossible! I don't know of any relatives living there and cannot qualify unless I can find them. Both my maternal grandparents were born in Ireland....Nelly Kilduff (nee) Duffy and Thomas Kilduff. On my father's side, the names are O'Brien and Costello. Although I don't remember much about my mother's New York relatives, (she and my father were born in Bayonne, NJ) I do know that many were from Yonkers and perhaps did spend time in Breezy Point. I just love the beach and moved up north from Spring Lake, N.J. after my husband passed. It was much too lonely and I decided I needed to be closer to my children It would be so convenient from where I am now residing, as there is ferry service to Pier 11 and a water taxi to Breezy Point. Do my relatives names sound familiar to you? Can you possibly give me any direction? I don't know how I could make friends if I can't visit the community. I'm not too old to work and would be willing to do volunteer work in order for residents to become acquainted with me. I know many people who would send letters attesting to my character, and yet I've been informed by Mr. Bill Daley, an agent with whom I spoke, that the letters must come from residents or relatives. I realize this note is quite bold and really don't want to come across as rude, but I would very much like to spend vacations at this beautiful location. I would very much appreciate hearing from you. I thank you Rosemarie for taking the time to read my inquiry. My sincere best wishes to you and your family. Gerry Doherty

      • Gerry Doherty

        I'm extremely anxious to hear from Rosemarie.....can you please speed up the moderation of my comments. [email protected]


    i am trying to reconnect with a girl i knew back in the early 50's. Her name (then) was Barbara Corley and her family had a home on Breezy Point. I'd appreciate it if anyone who knows her can tell me how I can reach her. Thanks

  3. Gerry Doherty

    Please let me know via my above e-mail address what "awaiting moderation" means. Is my note too long to deliver to Rosemarie? I look forward to hearing from you. Gerry Doherty

  4. MaryLiz

    Hey Rosemarie, I came across your comment and just wondered if you ever wanted to visit Breezy, there is a lovely Restaurant there called Kennedy's. You have to stop at the security desk and tell them you are going to the restaurant/bar and perhaps that may be the beginning of getting to know some of the residents there. It is lovely. I hope you like partying because that they do a lot of it at Breezy. Good Luck!

  5. rockj

    NOTE this visitor lot a 10 minute walk away is NOT really public. As is the small private memorial to people lost in this community only, the memorial you will be trespassing once you pass any gates. My sister had her car towed from this lot (she seen the signs after). They now in 2011 have cops walking in the property in plain clothes and riding along with security in unmarked cars and truck. If you get spotted as she did they give you a CITY trespassing summons ($150+) along with having your car towed from this lot ($225). They gave her the number for the tow company who is deep into far rockaway a 20 cab ride. When I went back we tried with the kids we tried the kennedys trick mentioned above. Well apparently now once you walk out the door if you even turn to the beach the guard tells you to get in your car and go. They also had some system with passes and tickets with the staff at kennedys. We seen 3 cars towed from this lot as we ate lunch. They must make a fortune on towing cars alone. Great place if you dont mind paying nearly $400 for a day trip. Its a tiny community and us outsiders stand out very obviously. I wont be returning unless invited.

  6. Peggy McKnight Cleary

    Yes, it is a great place. I lived in Neponsit in Rockaway, but as a young child spent many a summer in Breezy Point. Both placesna wonderful place to grow up. As a teenager plu adult, Kennedys was a greatbplace to hang out. I ca remember so many great people that I met there years and years ago. Too bad some folks are having so much trouble getting in. In my day we actually hitch nicked that main and only road and were never afraid. All the beaches along the Rockaway peninsula are great. I have always had the sand in my shoes so have always been close to the ocean, continuing to this day as I leave just outside of Hilton Head, SC.


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