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Press the ‘Play‘ button within the image to continue. Once you press the ‘Play’ button. Double-click or double-tap on mobile devices within the image for fullscreen. Double-click/ Double-tap again to exit fullscreen.

360 VR Instructions: Hold down the left mouse button inside the image and then drag your mouse to change the viewpoint. You can move up to shift the view towards the sky, down to shift the view towards the ground, and left or right to scan around in a full circle. Nearly all of my 360 image are capable of viewing full-screen on your computer screen. Be sure to left click on the far right icon to enable the fullscreen feature or double-click/ double-tap on the image.

2014- Currently some of the Tiles for America are located at the Jefferson Market Library. Read more at this link.
2012- Tiles for America has been taken down. Read more at this link: ‘NY Post’ News Article
2010- Tiles for America is located at 7th Avenue and 11th Street within NYC (Manhattan). It is believed this location known as Mulry Square was the inspiration/ location of Edward Hopper’s famous 1942 painting Nighthawks.  Read more about the Nighthawks painting at this: WIKIPEDIA Page.

More Information regarding this 9/11 Memorial can be found at: