Tribute in Light 2010 (Manhattan)


The person standing in the above photo with the Tribute in Light is Bill Gleason. He is a former FDNY Lieutenant for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and worked at Ground Zero following the attack on the WTC.

I photographed the 2010 Tribute in Light and traveled to several different locations throughout the night. These locations were the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center), and to the actual location of the Tribute Lights. I took a 360VR in each Tower of Light. This is a first for me.

The weather and the sunset at the Brooklyn Bridge was fantastic and allowed for great photographs. In 2009 it rained and the clouds were very low in elevation blocking the Tribute Lights throughout the night. This past year it seemed to me that many more people visited the Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2010 than in the past. It was difficult to find a parking space on the street in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) because of the increased crowd size. Like the Meat Packing District of Lower Manhattan, DUMBO has seen a great revitalization of it’s neighbor. Also much of the crowd at the park had a tripod and a camera. The digital camera revolution has really taken hold.

Photos of the Tribute in Light 2010 will probably be posted in a week or so. Please check back. The Tribute in Light 2010 photos have been posted to Yellowecho.

Yellowecho has not seen many updates recently. However Yellowecho’s sister site named has been updated a lot this past summer.

In case you missed it- I took a 360VR of the Mount Utsayantha Firetower located in Stamford, NY last year. It appears as if the camera is in mid air. The person in the image is not me- I am hidden.

Mount Utsayantha Firetower-


In the uppermost photograph of one of the ‘Tribute in Light’, the camera uses a very wide angle lens to allow the top of each light source. According Wikipedia, 44 lights are used to form one beam.

Yellowecho took a similar photograph last year but because of the weather differences the results are completely different. In 2009 it rained for much of the night and the clouds were very low in the sky. This caused the Tribute in Light to be blocked from view many throughout the night as the clouds raced across the NYC skies.

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