2012 Webstats

40,474 Unique Visitors (WordPress install to Yellowecho)
38,158 Unique Visitors (HTML section of Yellowecho)- Average 113 unique visits per day

May was a very high traffic month for Yellowecho in 2012. If you click on the above images it details the highest traffic days to Yellowecho.

Back in 2009 after a link at StumbleUpon Yellowecho saw a huge spike in traffic.

View link and image graph from April/ May 2009:


2011 Stats

2011 Totals

Page Loads: 29,754 / Unique Visits: 14,195 / First Time Visits: 13,753 / Returning Visits: 442

Single Highest Day:

Sunday September 11th 2011- 1,211 page views / 694 unique visitors

French to English Translation using Google Translate

Recently I noticed incoming link activity from a website in French. The increase web activity was to one of my Brooklyn Bridge pages. Because it was in French I did not know what was being written regarding my photo.

En attendant que je poste mes images dans la galerie du site, voici un lien vers quelques photos… et un autre lien vers de superbes photos du pont la nuit.

English Translation:

Until I post my pictures in the gallery of the site, here is a link to some pictures … and another link to superb pictures of the bridge at night.

It seems like this is what was written regarding my Brooklyn Bridge photos:  “superb photographs of the bridge at night.”

Merci to the writer.

Yellowecho.com Stats for 2008

Yellowecho has 2 distinct websites- an older version and a new version of Yellowecho. The new version is a PHP driven website which runs Gallery2 and WordPress (the current page you are viewing). While I refer to the second version as older it is still fully intact and works perfectly and does in fact receive alot of web traffic. The older version are  HTML pages which were the main webpages of Yellowecho from 1999 to 2007. On both pages (old and new) I utilize StatCounter to keep track of website statistics.

Yellowecho.com (new): The newer page has grown in the past few months and sees a daily average of 33 unique visitors each day (December 2008). This number continues to rise and I expect by the end of 2009 to be well over 50 visitors a day on the average. Yellowecho (old) still sees a massive amount of people (see below) as compared to the newer site.

Yellowecho.com (old): Many of these pages have been online since 2000 and these pages see a daily average of 309 visitors (Jan- Dec 2008). Some pages do predate Yellowecho.com and have been online since 1999. Yellowecho saw on the average over 300 unique people per day in 2008. This average is based on the full calender year of 2008. The total number of unique visitors was over 110.000. There are several notable spikes in web traffic. One is in September and that is because of increased Google web searches related to 9/11 and the NYC Tribute in Light which Yellowecho scores very high on Google searches. Another increased search is Death Valley and the flower bloom during the springtime in which this site again scores highly on with Google searches.

The single biggest day total was September 11, 2008 and on that day Yellowecho had 1,177 unique visitors with 2,873 page views.

Yellowecho Stats 2008

Fullscreen VR and Gallery2

I have been able to add a fullscreen Flash option to my VR photography with Gallery2.

Open file: modules/core/classes/GalleryAnimationItem.Class

Add this line of code 2 different times:

(Please note you will need to rewrite some of the “quote” marks below if you copy and paste- the font in my blog does not read properly with HTML and PHP.)

document.write(\’  <param name=”allowfullscreen” value=”true” />\’);

So the code now reads:

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