Best of 2008

It seems like everyone has a ‘Best of’ list at the end of the year. I thought perhaps it would be good to reflect on my photography of the past year and compile a Best of 2008 list.

Of the last decade 2008 had me taking the least amount of photos. There was a time when everywhere I traveled too I had a camera in my hand. (See my Google Map.) As I looked through my photos of 2008 the ‘Top 5 Photo List’ would probably be just Tribute in Light photos from September 11, 2008. I think that that would be too easy and so I picked only one photo from the Tribute in Light to represent that day. Much of the ‘Best of 2008’ list has a 360 image in-connection.

The judge was me. And so the list… Continue reading Best of 2008

Brooklyn Bridge Jumper

This picture is of a person attempting to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. The wider image is the photo from the cell phone. I cropped the image inside Photoshop and placed a rectangle around the person who attempted to jump for better web viewing. He is wearing a white t-shirt and the police were able to stop him before he jumped.

This photo was taken with a Treo cellphone. It takes bad pictures even for a cell phone.