USS New York

USS New York

USS New York (LPD-21), the fifth San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock, is the sixth ship of the United States Navy to be named after the state of New York. The New York has a crew of 360, and can also carry up to 700 Marines.

Shortly after 11 September 2001, Governor of New York George E. Pataki wrote a letter to Secretary of the Navy Gordon R. England requesting that the Navy bestow the name USS New York on a surface warship involved in the War on Terrorism in honor of September 11’s victims.

7.5 short tons (6.8 t) of the steel used in the ship’s construction came from the rubble of the World Trade Center. The steel was melted down at Amite Foundry and Machine in Amite, Louisiana, to cast the ship’s bow section. It was poured into the molds on 9 September 2003, with 7 short tons (6.4 t) cast to form the ship’s “stem bar” — part of the ship’s bow. The shipyard workers reportedly treated it with “reverence usually accorded to religious relics”, gently touching it as they walked by. One worker delayed his retirement after 40 years’ work to be part of the project. (Source: Wikipedia- USS New York)

Photo gallery of the USS New York.

Photo 1: View of the overall ship from Pier 86.
Photo 2: Closeup of the front of the ship. The WTC steel is located in the bow. The bow is a nautical term that refers to the forward part of the hull of a ship or boat, the point that is most forward when the vessel is underway. (Definition from wikipedia)
Photo 3: This is the widest corridor on the USS New York. The corridor nickname is “Broadway” after Broadway Avenue in NYC.
Photo 4: This is a cake that is being made for the Veterans Day celebration.This photo was taken in the ships mess hall for ranks E6 and below.
Photo 5: This started as an impromptu memorial on the ship. Over the course of several days it grew larger and larger as more First Responders (Firefighters and Police) were given tours of the USS New York.
Photo 6: WTC steel forged with the words “September 11, 2001”

Performing Arts Collective of New York City (360)

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Tunnel to Tower Run 2009

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Follow in the Footsteps of a Hero…8th Annual Charity Event Celebrates Heroes Lost On 9/11

STATEN ISLAND, NY – September 09, 2009 – On September 27, 2009, at 9:30 a.m., New York City will once again celebrate firefighter Stephen Siller’s bravery, and the indomitable will of all the fallen heroes of 9/11, at the eighth annual FDNY Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Run/Walk.

More than 20,000 participants from all parts of the metropolitan area, across the country and from as far away as England and Hawaii are expected to attend the Run/Walk, which retraces the path Siller took from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the World Trade Center that day. The event has raised more than $5 million for burn victims, orphans, Katrina relief and other causes since its inception eight years ago. Those wishing to participate can register online, at