Album: 360 VR


Instructions for viewing a 360VR: Click & Drag in any direction with Mouse
Many more of my 360VR imagery can be found at my Catskill New York website:

Tribute in Light 2010

Tribute in Light 2010 (360VR)

Tiles for America 360

Tiles for America 360VR

Wordcamp NYC

Wordcamp NYC 360VR (w/ Noel of Automattic)


Performing Arts Collective of New York City (360)

Outside the Mount Utsayantha Firetower 360

Outside the Mount Utsayantha Firetower 360VR

NYC Hotel Party 360

NYC Hotel Party 360VR

Adriana Falcon

Adriana Falcon 360

Tribute in Light 2008 360VR

Tribute in Light 2008 (360VR)


Hell Gate Bridge 360VR (from the Middle Ground)

9/11 Mural

Union Ave and E 152nd St- Bronx, NY 360VR


Graffiti on 9/11 Mural: Olinville, NY (Bronx) 360VR


61 St and Roosevelt Ave- Woodside NY 360VR