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Lucy snapshots from October 2010 to January 2012. Lucy in the very first snapshots is approx 5 months old. Lucy was adopted from a rescue shelter located in Manhattan and the rescue shelter named her Lucy. The City caught her … Continue reading

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2011- Bulitt at Thanksgiving

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Bulitt gets caught jumping the table after dinner. Bulitt has been a suspect for some years but there was never any proof. See post from 2007.

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Foods from the 2008 Holiday Season

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Foods from the holiday season:

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Thanksgiving/ Christmas Dinner

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Photographs of the turkey served at Thanksgiving and a roast served on Christmas Eve. The dogs were close at hand during both of these feasts. Question of the moment- Is Bulitt (the beagle) sleeping or carefully watching the scraps of … Continue reading

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A bull broke loose from a local farm and then traveled onto our land to graze. When I walked out from the front door and walked into our field unknowingly, I laid eyes on the bull I was very surprised … Continue reading

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