Lucy snapshots from October 2010 to January 2012. Lucy in the very first snapshots is approx 5 months old.

Lucy was adopted from a rescue shelter located in Manhattan and the rescue shelter named her Lucy. The City caught her roaming the streets of Manhattan.

I first saw Lucy while she was being walked by a volunteer of the rescue shelter in the ‘Little Italy’ section of Manhattan. As I walked up Mott Street I first noticed the volunteer dog handler wearing a light blue t-shirt walking a small black lab wearing a vest that stated “Adopt ME”. Both Lucy and this person was a block over from of me. I then spotted them on 2 consecutive intersections as we walked in the same direction but on a different block. The dog was very good with children and even sat and gave paw in a gentle manner to a child. After walking a few blocks north and seeing the dog on the adjoining street; I turned around and walked south only to see the volunteer and the dog do the same. I now decided to walk over the block to meet and pet the dog. The handler stated the dog’s name was Lucy. The volunteer was very nice and was from France originally. Lucy was very good.

A day later we went back to the rescue shelter and adopted Lucy. Lucy was about 5 months old.

Lucy can do many tricks for children now- she can: turnaround, roll-over, back-up, smell, sit, sit-up, find a ball, lay-on-back, give-paw, and say-thank-you (which is take a bow on front legs).

Thanksgiving/ Christmas Dinner

Photographs of the turkey served at Thanksgiving and a roast served on Christmas Eve. The dogs were close at hand during both of these feasts.

Question of the moment- Is Bulitt (the beagle) sleeping or carefully watching the scraps of the dinner on the table from the other room, or is he just waiting to jump the table when no one is looking.

The other dog in the photo series is Bailey. She is not as ‘sly’ as Bulit (the beagle) and gets caught.

Update: 2011- Bulit was caught in the act. It took 4 years.


A bull broke loose from a local farm and then traveled onto our land to graze. When I walked out from the front door and walked into our field unknowingly, I laid eyes on the bull I was very surprised to see such an animal. I was already a sizable distance away from the house and probably could not run back. The bull was very aggressive and appeared as if it wanted to charge me. Sparky next to me gave chase to the bull across the field as it fled from the bark of Sparky.