Tunnel to Towers 2010 (Stephen Siller)

A heart filled finish for the Tunnel to Towers 2010 Run-

The US Armed Service Member (unknown name) who ran the Tunnel to Towers Run with his uniform fatigues, boots, and flack vest finished the Tunnel to Towers Run very strong. On the last stretch of the course he carried the American Flag across the finish line. His ending of the Tunnel of Towers Run 2010 brought all the spectators to loud cheers. Within minutes of his finish he then proceeded to run the last stretch the opposite direction with full energy and gear including the American flag to cheer on fellow finishers. As he ran the straight away of the finish the opposite direction he came across a woman wearing a fire department jacket and a t-shirt with Stephen Siller on it. He preceded to hand the American flag to her. She finished the Tunnel to Tower Run with the American flag in her hand. It was the wife of Stephen Siller… Sally Siller.

This photo series helps showcase the above events at the Tunnel to Tower Run of 2010. Posted are 4 images of the sequence with the hand off of the American flag to Sally Siller from the American soldier. It is unknown at this time if the solider knew who he was handing the flag too. Also both the solider and Sally Siller ran great times for a 5k and both did it in heavy equipment. This is clearly evident in the other 2 runners’ expressions in the photos. These 2 runners appear to be running at full speed with just a t-shirt, running shorts, and sneakers with a lot of effort. These 2 runners are 38 years old and 27 years old. In 2008, a Daily News article reported Sally Siller (‘Sarah Siller’) as 41 years old.