Labor Day Festivities

“Well I’m living here in Allentown, And it’s hard to keep a good man down…”- Billy Joel
I hate email. I hate cell phones. I remember only a few years ago when neither existed. Now in 2002 everyone expects instant feedback. The company as seen in the photo expected instant feedback when none existed.
They wanted instant photos of Labor Day weekend festivities of the event. ( It is Labor Day but we all pretended it to be April Fools. Instant feedback can be bad. 5 minute cool down and delay is always good. Facts first before speculation.)

University of Miami Cheerleaders

Xbox Odyssey traveled to Bayfront Park located in Miami Florida where the University of Miami was holding a celebration/ parade for winning the National Championship in football.

The University of Miami Cheerleaders pose in front of the Xbox Odyssey.

Wikipedia Link: 2001 Miami Hurricanes Football Team– The 2001 Miami Hurricanes football team was the national champion of the 2001 college football season and is considered by many to be the greatest team in college football history.