Artist Drive/ Artist Palette-  Death Valley National Park, California

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Artist Drive- Artist Palette

Death Valley National Park, California

The curvy, one-way, one lane Artistís Drive leads you up to the edge of the Black Mountains. Artistís Drive rises up to the top of an alluvial fan fed by a deep canyon cut into the mountain. As you make your way up to the mountain face you'll dip up and down, roller coaster-like as the road dips into ravines carved into the fan by Death Valley's occasional, but intense flash floods. The narrow road runs high up onto the fan, with views of the strikingly white salty floor of Death Valley in the distance. (



To get an idea of the size- someone is sitting on the rocks in the upper middle portion of photograph.



The entrance to Artistís Drive is located off the Badwater Road, 10 miles south of the Furnace Creek Visitor Center. This narrow, one-way road is not recommended for large motor homes, trailers, or buses.


Suggestions for your visit:

Along this nine-mile loop, the kaleidoscope of colors is especially vibrant in the late afternoon. Artistís Palette is a great spot to enjoy the sunset.


For More Information:

Death Valley National Park

PO Box 579

Death Valley, CA 92328

Telephone: (760) 786-2331





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