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After reading several reviews I was going to purchase the Nikon D50 but after reading through forum I decided on the Nikon D70s. I am very happy I did. Here are my first pictures with Nikon D70s and the kit lens that came with it. (note- first pictures outdoors; my first pictures were of the living room and my computer desk but those are not very exciting.)

Actual these are my first pictures with any type of Digital SLR camera. I still need to read the manual- have yet to open it beyond reading what to do with battery for the first time. The controls are easy to understand. I just installed the Nikon software on my computer last night and played with the computer USB cable control of the D70s for a few moments. That was neat.

The pictures from the Brooklyn Bridge Park were taken the night after the pictures from the Pedestrian Walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge so cloud cover is different. It was very cold in the park. I only took a few pictures.

I shot in RAW format and used Photoshop after downloading their latest RAW plug-in.

I still need to read about what is the prefered method of sharpening the D70 images. I may undersharpened some and oversharpened others. I have the images uploaded to the Walmart Photo Service and hope to pick them up tomorrow so I can have a better idea then.


Brooklyn Bridge Background Information:

Plans for a crossing between the city of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan dated back to the early 1800's. When the East River crossing was planned, Brooklyn, with about 400,000 residents, was still more rural than urban. The city of New York - which at the time consisted only of Manhattan - had twice as many residents, and the bridge was seen as a solution to overcrowding in Manhattan while spurring development in Brooklyn. The bridge would enable people and goods to cross the East River quickly, regardless of weather conditions.

Brooklyn Bridge Constructed: 1870- 1883; Open to Traffic: May 24, 1883


The Brooklyn Bridge is a monument to man's ingenuity and creativity, this world famous steel suspension bridge was designed by architect John Roebling between 1867 and 1883. Many lives were lost constructing the first "hotlink" between Brooklyn and Manhattan.


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