Death Valley National Park, California

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Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley National Park is located in California and is about 90 miles from Las Vegas, NV. Within 30 minutes one can drive 240 feet below sea level to over 6,000 feet with a 20 degree drop in temperature.

Aguereberry Point

An incredible vista point and less traffic than Dante's View is Aguereberry Point (above photo.) The unpaved well-maintained road starts off of Hwy 178 near Wildrose inside the Park. The initial part of the drive is along a relatively flat area with little views. However it is not until the very end of the drive does one see the rugged mountains and awing view across Death Valley. The elevation is 6,533 feet. The road to the summit can be seen the in the right side of the above photo.

Artist Palette


Walking in the Dunes

The road heading to Scotty's Castle


Stovepipe Wells Sand Dunes

Artist Palette (see Artist Drive)



Salt Creek


Badwater (-242 feet elevation)

Stovepipe Wells Sand Dunes

Badwater (-242 feet below sea level)


Photography Tips for Death Valley:

The best time for taking photos is either at sunrise or sunset. The desert is just too bright during the day. The photographs above of the dunes (near Stovepipe Wells)  were taken early in the morning. It gets very hot in the dunes area once the sun has risen. The temperature change from just before dawn to 1.5 hours later was nearly 20 degrees. The rocks of Artist Palette inside of Artist Canyon come alive at sunset. Dante's View colors come out more pronounced on the photograph when there is nearly no light left- a tripod is needed.


Death Valley Quick Facts:


Death Valley Monument was established on February 11, 1933.

Designated National Park

October 31, 1994, the Desert Protection Act (DPA) added 1.3 million acres to Death Valley National Monument and promoted it to National Park status.


Death Valley NP covers almost 3,000 square miles- larger than the Yellowstone National Park.





One of the hottest places on earth- 134 degrees F was recorded in 1913, second only to the 136 degrees registered in Libya in 1936.

The Furnace Creek Ranch and the Stovepipe Wells Village located inside the Park both provide small camper stores with staple goods and limited supplies. There are also gas stations at both locations.

Off-road Driving

Death Valley has a network of unpaved and primitive backcountry roads that can be used by 4-wheel drive or light trucks.


Death Valley National Park has more than 3.3 million acres of spectacular desert scenery, interesting and rare desert wildlife, complex geology, undisturbed wilderness, and sites of historical and cultural interest. Bounded on the west by 11,049 foot Telescope Peak and on the east by 5,475 foot Dante's View, Badwater is the lowest point (-282 feet) in the western hemisphere.

High Point Elevation: 11,049 feet (Telescope Peak)

Low Point Elevation: -282 feet (Badwater)

Death Valley Wallpaper/ Screensaver Collection

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